Will they ever make it?

“Evolution” – Original Art Piece courtesy of “Liv Bel’Art”


    – I wonder if they’ll ever make it?…

Those were ~Zyblon’s last words while he closed the hologram displaying the image of a small planet, mainly covered by water.
He continued to hold hope regardless of all the facts that ^Keelahn had had on display, which were all pointing in the opposite direction of hope.

Over the centuries ~Zyblon and ^Keelahn had been studying many inter-galactic civilizations and their evolution stages. It was a highly regarded duty, as evaluating the readiness of other species came with quite the responsibility. There was an entire protocol to ensure only the worthy ones, or ready ones, are put forward and allowed the opportunity to meet with the Waherian kind, to which both ^Keelahn and ~Zyblon belonged. The Waherian had to learn the hard way that there was a sequence that needed to be followed before revealing themselves to another species. And that’s how The Protocol came into existence. A clear outline and sort of charted checklist that advised if a civilization was in the Ultimate State Of Evolution (USOE). If they had checked all requirements, they were put forward and an expedition would be formed that enabled contact. But again, never before the indicators showed they’ve made the leap into USOE.


~Zyblon had to admit that even from a young age he always had a sort of fascination with a particular species, known as the Human kind. Part, due to his father’s having dedicated a large portion of his studies at the Observation Center Hub to this particular population and part, due to their remote resemblance to the Waherian. Growing up, his father, the well respected /Taaryv, always told stories, curiosity sparking stories, about this particular civilization. One of these stories was the reason why The Protocol came into existence to begin with.
Back in that time, also known as the Early Ages, the first step would be to collect a group of relevant, or what they thought to be relevant, representatives of a given species and bring them to Waheri for a first contact between the two civilizations. It was followed by a number of other steps that would build all the way up to creating allegiances and collaborative societies where both parties would be able to benefit from having initiated this contact, like exchanging knowledge, technology and ultimately elevating one another into even higher states of evolution.

\Taaryv and his team had been the first to come across the human kind and as with any other expedition, they made some initial observations that made them confident that they could proceed with initiating the first step, initiating contact. And the 11 humanoids brought to the Waheri Observation Centre Hub did experience the expected initial contact signs: confusion, terror, tiredness and dehydration. Using a language decodifier, /Taaryv explained first how the device worked and proceeded to share more on the purpose of their being there.
The team made sure that the all the right precaution measures were taken, ensuring nutrition, hydration and appropriate garments. Nonetheless they did not expect what was about to follow.
The 11 humans had 11 waherian counterparts in the room and the resemblances were striking. The only way you could tell the two apart, except for the fact that the waherian were calm and composed, was that they also had a light glow around them, much like an aura.
As soon as they learned to use the language decodifier, the humans became restless, and one of them was heard begging to be brought back to their remote planet. It seemed that everything they had been exposed to was too much for them to handle. In between the 11, a series of loud conversation and big gestures continued and quickly escalated, making it difficult for the waherian to decipher. Challenging as it might have been to get the detail of the exchanges, one thing was apparent, and that was the lack of agreement over whom to take the lead in using the language decodifier and representing the group.
A wave of shock washed over the waherian when more than half of the group started throwing themselves at each other violently, while the rest remained frozen. A few of the waherian stepped in to break things up but also got mauled in the process. There were streaks of red and golden liquids all over each other and quickly the humans were put into confinement cells, prepared to be shipped back to their planet. \Taaryv made one last attempt to communicate with each of the individuals and soon learned that their planet is filled with the same species but they are very different in the way they communicate or the values they hold, making it difficult to achieve consensus especially on matters of such importance. Hearing of some of the technological advancements made by this human civilization, he grew hopeful while he still had some reservations due to the fact that they seemed to have in high focus individual self preservation and prosperity rather than overall species survival and evolution.One of the humans, in his conversation with \Taaryv, advised that it would be best to re-initiate this contact with a better suited group, one that he would be able to assemble as soon as they returned to Earth. \Taaryv had no suspicions and committed to this, in the hopes that this will repair the hiccup that they just experienced.

They quickly arranged a small waherian expedition assembly that transported the initial group of humans back. Upon the return of the expedition, the new group of humans that came back had killed the whole waherian crew, having collected the golden liquid that used to flow through the waherian bodies. It appears that particular liquid is something the humans found of value. Something so valuable that it was worth doing the most despicable act, the act of taking another life, a waherian life. The human mercenary group did not stop just at the crew. They went through the waherian population in the Observation Centre Hub like a heated knife through butter. You see, the waherian reached such a high level in their evolution that they no longer used violence to settle conflicts and found themselves defenseless. Almost half of the OCH’s population got decimated when \Taaryv decided to resort to the last piece of weaponry remaining on Waheri. A device that picks up the cerebral brainwaves, matches them and then scrambles them, turning it’s subjects into what one might call, vegetables. A temporary state, of course, as the waherian only needed that to confine the violent humans and send them back to Earth, keeping the planet and it’s civilization under observation.

Still, that was a great blow to the waherian population. And ~Zyblon’s father, \Taaryv, felt highly responsible for this huge mishap. And that’s when, The Protocol was initiated, including a set of firm principles based on which decisions can be taken weather to initiate contact or not with newly discovered civilizations, not always assuming that they have achieved the Ultimate State Of Evolution, but always testing and observing first.
And with each millennial check, ~Zyblon still hopes that the human kind will one day be ready to join their ranks. Hope, that this society will better itself regardless of the damage they have created upon another, is what makes Waheri, as many other species that have achieved the Ultimate State Of Evolution, intrinsically good. They will not interfere however, this must come on it’s own, must be earned, must be learned.

But as ^Keelahn’s data showed, and with millennia since the first contact, the human kind still seems to be in an evolutionary self-destructive phase, still not being able to unite under higher goals of species survival and evolution. Regardless, the studies his father did indicated that there might be hope for that, if they learn and change. But will they ever be able to overcome their current stage? Will they ever make it?…




From worst-case to best-case scenario

It’s a familiar place you find yourself in again.

You open your eyes and recognize the room.

There’s a sense of relief, as if you could have woken up somewhere else? That would be crazy.

Within seconds the upcoming day flashes before your eyes.

So many things to do, errands to run and the only thing you truly look forward to is the evening, when you know you can finally settle down and unwind after a tough day.

You prep yourself up as if you’d be heading out into a storm and brace yourself as you go out into the world.

You open the door and realize that it’s not as bad as you pictured it.

There’s no bracing needed in the end. The grim picture you had painted was misleading.

It’s very often that we prepare our selves for the worst, tense up and stress over things that are ridiculously hard to even imagine.

And still, we do it everyday, with even the most random situations.

And in those moments we often forget what we’re missing out on by simply wasting headspace on worry.

Might as well accept that there’s a million bunch of ways that things can go wrong at every step.

But isn’t it so amazing when you see how it could all work out?

Rather than focus on dodging unpleasant situations, why not focus on welcoming or chasing the ones that are exciting? What is it that you really look forward to in this day?

It’s a shift that takes time, so when you find yourself building worst case scenarios, I challenge you.

I challenge you to start building and focusing on your best case scenario.

I mean, you’ve been already preparing for the worst, you seem to have that covered.

So why not build towards your dreams?


"I want it so!"

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived an old couple, as old as days. They were once blessed with a house full of children, but they all had moved out and started their own families with the exception of one. He wed and had a child of his own.

Coming into this world, the grandchild made quite an entrance, quick and eager, they decided on the spot to name him therefore, Quaker. It soon became apparent that this was commonly his manner of being around everything, quick and eager.

Unfortunate as it may be, life decided to take little Quaker’s parents from this world early enough, leaving him under the care of his ever-loving and ever-patient grandparents. His grandfather, especially, had a way around the ever impatient, ever demanding Quaker. While young of age, his asks were easy to comply to, but as he grew, his asks grew with him into cries of “I want it so!”. And these became more and more difficult to quiet down.

The most difficult one yet began in the spring of his 10th year. That’s when he became aware of the blossoming apple tree his father had planted at his birth. Eager as he was, he began asking his grandfather for an apple from the tree as soon as he laid eyes on the first flower buds.

“I want it so!” Quaker’s cries went on while he pointed at the top of the tree, where the apples were to come if only we would be patient enough.

Tiny fists and feet thumping into the ground as he rolled around, you could hear his cries from miles away.

To quiet him down, his grandfather slowly walked up to him, picked one of the flowers from the tree and handed it down to him.

“This apple, as much as you want it so, is not ready yet. If you don’t believe me, just get a bite out of this. Just believe me when I say: it won’t turn inside your mouth, nor in your stomach, into a juicy, tasty apple.”

In the blink of an eye, little Quaker snatched the frail flower, sniffed it quickly and then put it in his mouth. Just as quickly, the look of desire on his face turned into disgust while his tongue began to stick out with the flower pieces dripping off and out of his mouth.

That seemed to quiet him down for a while. But as soon as he saw the first baby green apple dangling from the fragile branch, he again began belching while rolling under the tree.

“I want it so! Grandpa! I want it so and so much! I want it so! Grandpa!”

Just like the first time around, the grandfather warmly looked at him and handed him one of the tiny green apples.

“Dear Quaker, these apples are still not ready for you. They’re yet to grow larger and ripen.”

The child eagerly grabbed the fruit and quickly pierced the tough and sour crust of the green apple with his sharp teeth.

Soon enough his eyes turned, his mouth puckered and spittle spat out of his mouth as he rejected the sourness of the fruit’s flesh.

He remained under the tree for a while, still thinking about how the ripe apples would taste. You see, he never tasted one before. Everything he knew about what apples should taste like was from the stories told by his father when he was still, what one would call, a baby.

But finally, one summer day, a red shade could be seen on the apples. Clearly that should be a sign that the fruits are ready, right? As expected, Quaker grew quite impatient. Only this time, his voice was calmer as he asked for his grandfather’s advice.

“Grandpa? When will they be ready for me? You’ve said last that they are yet to grow and ripen. Well they have grown some and I can see clear shades of red on some of them. How will I know they are ready for me?”

His grandfather calmly and kindly turned to him and answered “My dear one, when they’ll be ready, you will feel it”.

Puzzled, Quaker said “How do you mean grandpa?”

His grandfather continued “Just sit under the tree as you’ve sat till now. You will feel it when they’re ready. You’ll know soon enough”.

So, little Quaker took his grandfather’s advice and sat himself under the tree. Except for some nights when it rained, you’d catch the young boy camped under the tree, either staring at the apples and counting them, or dozing off.

Until one afternoon when he was suddenly awoken by a thwack. It was his forehead, thrusting with pain. Baffled, he rubbed his eyes open to quickly realize that it was one of the apples that had decided to come down from the branches.

His grandfather watched from the porch chair as the child took his first bites from the juicy apple that was brave enough to fall and leave a tiny bump on small boy’s forehead. Despite the pain, it was clear that having waited for so long was all worth it. There was a glow to him, in the way he looked at the long desired and awaited fruit. There was much joy in that moment and that apple seemed to have fallen just at the right time.

Old Grandpa secretly hoped that little Quaker might have learned the lesson that we all, too, shall remember at times.

No matter how hard we plead, beg, demand or stomp our feet over our wishes & their timing, the universe seems to have a mind of it’s own. One that we at times are not able to fully understand but must trust that when it is ready, it shall provide as needed, the ready, ripened fruit. Try and rush it, and it’s ways, and it might not taste, nor feel right.


Time and time again

“Beyond” – Original Art Piece courtesy of “Liv Bel’Art”

Rubbing his eyes, he yawns and looks around himself with a sense of wakefulness and hope.
 “Words can’t describe how happy I am…
 Being the captain of SS Dark Soldier is something anyone would dream of. To find myself after so many years finally at the helm of this classic interstellar flight ship? It’s indeed a dream come true.
 Isn’t this the most amazing view? Just soaring through the vast darkness and seeing bolts of light zapping by left and right.
 This chair, even though red is not my favorite color, is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in, probably since I was in my mother’s womb!
 So much effort, so much hard work and finally I am here! At the top of the deck! Being able to run this place as I wish.
 I no longer have to follow anybody else’s orders but my own!

 That’s the simpler way of describing this view. From the halls and working decks you don’t get any view. The hulls are heavily reinforced so any small damage that might be made by another flying object would not send everything up in flames. That leaves no space for a view to the outside. You have a 24/7 view to a holographic wall that can display whatever you want it to, but you know it’s not real, because you can see the tiny particles flicker. It does the trick for a while but it’s not the same.
 It’s fascinating to see these different dots and lines of color. These huge suns and colossal planets get warped to such small objects when traveling at these high speeds. Touching the protective window shield makes you feel like you’re actually out there reaching out for the stars.”

All of a sudden his thoughts were interrupted by a sturdy voice coming through the navicom.
 – Captain Daniel, we’re forced to change route as we’ve been prompted that a collision took place en route and we need to veer off. Should we stay course and hope the debris are cleared by then or find an alternate path?
 – When was this collision registered Lieutenant James? And where, more specifically?
 – Sir, DCS has all the data points and suggests to alter course, however if we do that we risk being late for the drop off and we can’t afford that again. SS Dark Soldier can take the hit based on these calculations. Ans since you’re the captain as of today, you get to decide!
 – You still haven’t answered my questions Lt. James? Can you tell me where and when? I know DCS has it, but in the end I’d like to know what I’m basing my decision on if I’m to risk my ship and crew.
 – Alright Captain, DCS quotes the collision took place at solar time 13:45:27 in the Andromeda circle and the debris aren’t spreading as fast nor do register as being too big in size. So we might be in for a short debris fall, or if you decide to listen to DCS, we go on a quick road trip. But Jake won’t be happy about us being late again. You remember what happened last time?
 – You don’t need to remind me of what happened last time when we were late. You wouldn’t have called me “Captain” if it weren’t for that! And I want to keep that title for a while longer if it’s up to me. So, let’s go through the already set path.
 – Yes sir!
A crackling sound closed the navicom conversation.

The captain drifts back in his busy train of thought while staring out into the depths of the cosmos.
 “I guess I’ll have to settle well in this chair and fasten up cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Anytime soon the announcement will go out for everyone else to brace for some shock bumps.
 All I need is one sip of this miraculous drink, Irish Single Malt 350, as in 350 years old. Whooot. That’s a burn. Great way to celebrate my new found captainship. If that is even a word.”

Even with the distorted vision, looking outside still brought some intense concerns that crept up in the captain’s thoughts.
 “Looks like the collision cluster is quite different than I expected it would be. And James didn’t mention anything about the fact that the core is still intact…
 But in the end, Lt. James and team know what they’re doing, they’ve been doing this for decades now. I’m sure that we’ll be cruising past this one safely.”

Placing down his glass with a quick shake of his head, he continues in his thoughts.
 “This whiskey is just amazing! Too bad Lt. James doesn’t drink, otherwise I would have offered him a sip.
 Wow! Looks like we’ll be cutting it close this time. I’ll put in a personal notice as well on top of the announcement.”
 <<<To all personnel, we’ll be passing through a collision cluster soon. DCS advised it might not be entirely safe but we’d like to make sure Space Ship Dark Soldier is able to deliver the cargo on schedule this time. So buckle up, we’re cutting a close one but worry not, since we have Lt. James getting us through. Lt. James, get us home safe! >>>

All of a sudden it got really quiet inside the ship. You could hear the bumps in the hull from all the debris hitting on to it. This metallic clanking that reminded the captain of fireworks going out in a dumpster. Muffled and intense.
Lt. James’s worried voice crackled through the navicom.
 – Captain, we have a problem. I think we might have miscalculated and the core is actually in motion. We’re now on collision route. If we decide to change course now, we’re still too late.
 – Change course anyways, better make it late than never cause I still want to finish this whiskey bottle!
 – Well, if we can make it through this one, Captain, I might as well start drinking.
 – You’d better! So, alter course now and hold on tight! I feel we might soon know what’s it like to be a ball on the pool table, ready to ricochet.
 – Roger that, Captain!

All the sounds creeping through just did not sound right to the captain. In a split of a second his thoughts were rushing chaotically.
 “That sound means we just hit the core and sent us spinning out. There’s no way we can make it now.
 But wait, why are we heading in the opposite direction? At the speed at which we hit the core, we should be further away from it.”

Desperately wanting to make sense of things he opens up the navicom chat.
 – Lt. James, what is happening?
 – Captain, don’t know how to explain this, but it seems like both the core and SS Dark Soldier are being pulled in the same direction. I think we might be dealing with the powers of a black hole, captain. The collision might have blocked it from our tech teams and DCS’s. With the damage that we suffered, there’s reduced power in 2 of our engines. Given the initial calculations, we’re past the threshold and we’re in the pull of the black hole. No one has been known to come back from a black hole. Captain, what do we do?
 – You come join me up here for a last drink, I guess. And it’s a good one, James. I can call you, James, right?
 – There must be something else we can do, captain?!?
 – You can call me Daniel, there’s no need for titles now. We’re going out anyways.
 – Well, as long as SS Dark Soldier is still in one piece, I am still calling you Captain Daniel, and I expect you, Sir, to be able to come up with a solution to this! And fast!
 – James, as you said it yourself, no one has been able to come back from a black hole or understand how it works. And you think… You really think, that I’ll be able to save us after 1 day at the helm of this ship?!?
 – Yes sir! Tell me what I need to do!
 – Well, let’s see… Distress signal? You’ve already initiated it, I assume? How much time do we have left until we’re entering it?
 – Distress signal is engaged. Transmitting our last known position. Engines are blasting in the opposite direction at max capacity and so I’m turning to you captain with only 15 minutes left.
 – See James, I’m afraid the last thing to do is for you to get your ass up here and enjoy a glass of this glorious whiskey as we watch the show from up here. At least you get front row seats. I’m sorry.
 – So… nothing left…?
 – Nothing left, James… Let’s enjoy the Dark Soldiers’ last minutes…
 – You’d better announce this.
 – I will…
<<<Personnel, this is your captain speaking. This is probably the hardest message I have to share with you all. We have only 10 minutes left before we are entering a black hole. It wasn’t detected by our teams or DCS and we’re too far in to be able to do anything about it at this point. I know a lot of you have families waiting for you, but I also know that when we boarded this ship we knew we might not return. I just want to say thank you for your bravery and may our souls find peace.>>>

The captain’s thoughts continued to cascade.
 “Well at least I get to see what’s on the inside of a black hole. Many ships have disappeared before and none returned.
 Scared? Terrified? Hmm… Maybe…
 Panic? No, not what am I going to do now.
 I’ll just have a seat, have my drink and watch it all unfold.
 I wonder what’s taking James so long?”

 – James? James are you still there?
 – James?
 – Are you coming over?

 “I guess James decided he doesn’t want to see what happens next from the upper deck.
 Wow, it is such a magnificent view!
 A never ending darkness.
 Pitch black as if I’m just going to sleep. 
 Abysmal darkness.

Rubbing his eyes, he yawns and looks around himself with a sense of wakefulness and hope.
“Words can’t describe how happy I am….”


The saddest man alive

If you could see him, your heart would break for him.

He was sat at the table of one the most luxurious restaurants in the world with an amazing view around him, by his side were his beatiful wife and small daughter.

They were all having top of the line, luxurious treats and drinks. You would think a man in his shoes, with a beatiful family, and the ability to travel and indulge, would at least crack a smile at the sight of his playful daughter as she built a tower out of asparagus and mashed potatoes.

But no, not even a wrinkle creased his face while he methodically moved the fork from the plate to his mouth. His eyes, barely lifting, told a story of sadness and anguish.

The waiter, a very gentle and greying man, passed their table a few times, checking to see if everything was in order with the food and service. Perhaps that was the reason that upset the young gentleman and this was his way of showing his frustration. On each occasion the waiter was told that all was good, while the young man’s eyes kept sadly staring at his plate, oblivious to everything else happening around him.

The waiter took notice and followed the young man as he readied to leave the table with his family. He escorted the sad fellow to the counter and prepared to hand him the final bill. Before doing so, he decided to ask.

“I’m really sorry, sir” said the waiter nervously “but I couldn’t help but notice your beautiful family this evening! It’s not very often we get to see that and I want to congratulate you for it. It looks like you have everything a man could wish for and you should be very happy!” closed the waiter with a solemn smile on his face.

The young gentleman raised his green eyes and blinked sadly away mumbling.

“Everything a man could wish for… That’s where it all started…”

“I’m sorry, sir, what was that?” gently asked the waiter.

The young man’s eyes focussed and captured the waiter’s attention as he explained.

“It was 6 months ago that I was having a drink at the bar after a long and tiring day at work. The bartender was new and we started chatting. I learned that in the last 6 months he moved into a new house, got married and had a son while scoring a new job. He was happy, he had everything a man could wish for.

I couldn’t help but blurt out in that moment the words I now wish I could take back. <If only I could have anything I could wish for>. His eyes eerily sparkled in that moment and ventured that I could indeed have that!

He went on about a spell he would cast with an ancient origin and that would grant me all my wishes. I laughed whole heartedly. I laughed so hard that the drinks on the counter slightly spilled. He stared back at me and mumbled something I’ve never heard before. He quickly snapped his fingers 5 times around my head and hissed as he finished the incantation before I could say anything else. And there I was, not knowing what to believe.

So I got up, made a big cross and walked out of the bar, hoping it was all a bad joke. But guess what? The joke was on me, cause anything I asked for was coming true the very next day. Except for the one thing I could have used, like reversing the spell.

Believe me, I tried. I even tried finding the guy again, but no one knew how to trace him. It was as if he was a ghost. At first it was fun, I asked for a football just for the gist of it and the next day I was the lucky winner of a football for being customer 1000 in the neighbourhood groceries store. I thought, coincidence. So I asked for a yacht. Little did I know, the next day there was a yacht waiting for me at work. The deal we signed a month back paid off, as it turns out.

So right, I decided to think more seriously about what things I thought would make me happy and realised I wanted a family. The next day, though nothing happened.

I felt relieved. But a week later I get to meet this lady who already had a gorgeous daughter from a previous marriage and she fell madly in love with me.

I tried asking for all sorts of things, including happiness. Turns out it only works with physical objects, so happiness is not really something I was able to get. What else was there to do? So I went on taking advantage of it.

In the past three months we’ve been traveling everywhere you could think of. And it’s true, I ended up getting all the things I asked for thinking that it would make me happy: the big house I always dreamt of, the sports car, the vintage car, the motorbike, the indoor pool, the trip to outer space, the expensive bottles of wine, whiskey and champagne, the caviar, all of it, you name it.

Everything I ever dreamt of, I now have it and none of it makes me happy…

All the things, all the places, all the people, and nothing has been able to truly make me happy. I don’t know what to ask for anymore… I am exhausted…”

With a big sigh he returned to his sad, pity worthy gaze as if in a trance.

The waiter had to ponder for a second, but then posed a final argument.

“ I see, sir… So far it looks as if you’re still the luckiest man alive. You’ve been enjoying this ride for as long as you could it seems. But might I ask you, if you can no longer make yourself happy with this gift, why not use it to make others happy instead? I know a fellow that could use some help and, boy, would he be grateful! I even bet, that helping others might just bring back some of that happiness again.” smiled the waiter with a glow in his eyes.

The man raised his head, blinked as if waking from a dream and exclaimed: “That might just do it!”


Lucky 13

“It’s time to celebrate!

My grandfather would have loved to live and see this moment. He was placed on the first expedition here. Part of the first group that would set camp on Proxima Centaury B. Their task: Make Proxima Centaury B hospitable for human life.

We were not able to save Earth from our own wrong doings. As human kind is known, once we have sucked every last bit of energy out of our host planet we had to move on and look at our remaining options. Mars is doing well but knowing it will soon follow in Earth’s steps, we needed to expand our search. So 4.2 light years away lay our Plan C: Proxima Centaury B. It was the first time mankind would venture outside it’s solar system.

That’s a long journey and that’s where grandpa Smith and grandma Jamie met. On the job, they were known as Captain Arnold Smith of the “Black Thunder” Intergalactic Vessel and Second Lieutenant Jamie Boston. Grandpa Smith was a tall, broad shouldered man with hair and eyes as dark as the depths of the cosmos. He had a dimple in the chin that grandma Jamie always had a soft spot for. Her green eyes would immediately light up on the sight of that dimple and shine brighter than her fair blonde hair. It was love at first sight and they were lucky there was no reporting line between them, because love struck and it struck hard with these two.

It was not an easy ride, although they had each other, they lost quite a bit of the crew on this journey. But luckily it was not only Black Thunder that went on this voyage. There was a second vessel that doubled the efforts, as the task ahead of them was one that was not attempted before and required additional power.

“Red Squadron” was not carrying a lot of personnel, it’s purpose was beyond accommodating and carrying life forms. It’s core mission was creating the right environment for human life in Proxima Centauri. Doctor Albert Redford was the one that postulated that it would be possible to shift a planet’s orbit. Proxima Centauri B was dangerously close to it’s sun, which made it inhabitable to human life. The only option remained then to shift the planet’s orbit and allow for human life to drop in and settle. But this was just a theory concocted in a lab 4.2 light years away and tested in virtual environments that might not have had all the right elements taken into account. So all the calculations in the world done by Dr. Redford and his team could very well be for nothing. An entire fleet, so many lives, could turn out to be a waste.

Nevertheless the mission got ok’d and look at us today, celebrating 50 years of human life on Proxima Centauri B. Between then and now, we’ve collected all the pieces of history, footage of what life used to be in those early days but also records of how lives were lost in the battle to conquer PCB. I am told by the elders that it’s starting to look here more and more like Earth in the condesation domes. There is very little footage that was brought back from Earth, so it’s difficult to tell. But I will soon know. After all this time, we are now ready to send a manned probe back. The communication channels that were devised 50 years back got destroyed in the process. We also did not have any other missions pay us any visit so most likely everyone back there thinks the initial mission failed and that it’s probably useless to send another.

I’m lucky, I am part of this small crew. “Lucky 13″ they call us. And indeed I’m lucky I’ll be having Chester, Jane and Lukas as part of this ride. Will be logging in another entry as soon as we’re in motion. ”

“We’re limiting energy consumption, so here is a short entry, we’re 2 light years away from Earth, everything is running smoothly, will be checking in again soon.”

“1/2 light year away from earth. Lucky 13 is now getting ready for the final stages.”

“Lucky 13 has made it to Earth… We are alone.”


Happiness occurs in the absence of expectations

Expectations have increased in complexity in the last centuries. It’s not only about surviving anymore, now it’s about how far up you are on the succes ladder.

How good have you made it in life? The pressure comes from everywhere around you: social media, your family, your friends and so on. Some will argue that it’s not intentional, but somehow some conversations inevitably start revolving around living in better neighbourhoods, comparing house sizes or car brands, even counting the number of trips one took, all the way to childrens achievements.

It’s insane. It’s insane because in this overly populated world it is a given that there will be so many others that are better than you at any given moment on any term of comparison.

So why do we still engage in a battle of the best over some of the most ridiculous and futile things?

“Race you downstairs”, “Challenge accepted”, “Must be in the top 3”, “That medal is what I worked for”, “Must make that promotion”, “Did he just get a new car?!”, “Traveling again, must be filthy rich”.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Well, I guess we’re wired to compete.

Survival of the fittest right?

We made it so far, many generations before us had to fight their way, so it’s somewhere in our genes.

But now the game changed. We’re not only surviving, a large majority of us is even thriving.

However, we’re still very much unhappy. Small things itritate us, we’re easily displeased, we lack the patience, we’ve forgotten that life is about survival in the end and get frustrated when it’s true, raw and unpleasant nature comes back to remind us that we have not tamed this wild animal called life.

When rivers first came to be, their path was not carved. When mountains were on the rise, the ground had to make way. But none of them were planned or designed to go a certain way. They found their way, they carved their way. But in this process they had to break through what was already existing, a messy and destructive process. With time though, things then settled and evolved.

So let’s admit it, any time we expect things to go one way or another, we set ourselves up for disappointment. There’s no one way life is supposed to go or how it should be. We’ve all been dealt a unique set of cards and having to carve our own pathways, well it’s bound to get messy, frustrating and a bit annoying along the way. We’re all on different journeys, it might look like we’re in similar lanes but we’re all on so many different planes.

Take a moment to remember that there’s no need to compete, cause actually there’s no way to compete. We’re all here to learn and teach, but more importantly to enjoy.

So while you’re so busy going after the next best thing, just take your head out of your busy plans and look around for a bit, appreciate what you got now, cause you’re never gonna be here again as you are now!

Otherwise you’ll end up looking back and the only thing you’ll remember is how life was just a rush, missing out on the important moments and people. It will all feel like a dream, that went by too fast since you were always on the chase, never there to enjoy the small things.

The small chats with your parents and grandparents, your childhood friends, the time watching your children grow, they will all be trapped in bubbles of time slowly fading away.

So take now, stop expecting the world to be perfect, just enjoy the ride and the company you got!


You got time?

I heard the most interesting conversation today that got me thinking.

Two buddies were sitting at a table having a few drinks and nibbling on some peanuts.

They seemed to be catching up but it was one story in particular that caught my attention.

The more talkative one was going about a story he also heard from another friend. He was born in a remote village and the village doctor and his family had apparently been hospitalised after having been found in critical condition. Everyone thought they left and moved out, but it turns out something went quite wrong after the doctors’ mother passed away. They were found by the new owners in a safety room of their old living quarters that was somewhat closed off. Any rations that might have been in the room seemed to be finished off for quite some time. The only other thing in the room, apart from the finished rations, a bed, a sink, a toilet, the doctor, his wife and 2 small children that were wasting away was a stack of papers on the desk.

He wrote in extensive detail, describing the reason behind all this situation. His father passed away when he was a young boy still and had very little recollection of that, but watching his mother pass away left a mark on him. As a doctor, not being able to save her, put him in a state of mind where he could not cope with the loss. So he gathered the ones dear to him and made the necessary arrangements.

I won’t be able to ever forget the next part where the doctor was quoted and went something like this:

“Time is such a deceitful and treacherous enemy. Because when you look away, that’s when time steals a bit of you away. Time took my mother away from me and soon will take me and my family. Time moves when you pay least attention, time flies away and you don’t even notice. It moves so slowly and takes away your health, your body, your dears ones. But not anymore, time! I will pay attention. I will not let you take anyone else dear to me away. We will stay close, we will stay together, we will not look away.”

The pages went on and on like this.

He locked himself and his family in that bunker, swallowed the key and kept everyone there but in his madness forgot that they’ll need food and all the rest to in order to beat time. And time almost got them this time.

Because time gets us all in the end.

There’s no escaping it, only enjoying it.

If time would stop, you won’t be able to see your kids grow, your life unfold, you would be stuck.

So what’s worse?

An eternity of the same or always evolving and changing?


Let the child play

With loud sobs the child turns in the light, their face all lit up with tears trailing down and whispers slowly.

“Why do you make me do things that I don’t like doing?”

As the silence remains unbroken in the darkness, the child pulls their sleeve to their runny nose and while wiping it off asks again.

“If you know this makes me sad and so unhappy that it almost hurts, why do you keep making me do these things? Please answer me!”

The last sentence goes out with a strong thump of hands and feet to the ground beneath. And the echo of that last cry is so strong that you almost feel the vibrations in your chest.

“Are you even listening to me?!” hopelessly echoes.

With head shakes in disbelief the cries continue “And you promised that if I’d be good, I could go out and play, have fun and do the things I really enjoy. I’ve been good for so long and still, there’s always something else that comes up and I never get to have fun anymore. Why? Why won’t you talk to me even, anymore?”

And from behind the child, into a corner, a ray of light starts shining over the hunched adult that tiredly lifts their gaze. The empty stare attempts to focus on the child while mumbled words find their way out of what looks to be an empty shell for a body.

“I know I promised… I know… But you have to understand, I’m doing this for our own sake.

I’m trying to protect us.

I’m trying to make sure we don’t regret things later, you know.

There’s so many things that we need to do just to survive that there’s no time for having fun.”

The child lifts their head facing the adult and with an icy stare concludes.

“So you’re trying to say that I will never get to have fun again?

You lied to me when you said that when I grow, I will get to do all the things I always wanted to but never could cause I was too small? Was it a trap all along?

Will I never be happy again?”

The adult shrivels and looks away not knowing how to answer and continues.

“But we have to do all these things you don’t like.

We really have to!

It’s not a game and it’s not a joke.

We could end up really bad if we don’t go to work, sit through all sorts of meetings and do all the things expected.

We won’t get paid. And if we don’t get paid, we have no money. If we have no money, we cannot pay bills. If we cannot pay bills, we won’t have a roof over our head, food to eat, clothes to wear. There’s so many responsibilities.

What will we do?

We have to!

We just have to!” sobs the adult placing their head in between their palms and shaking their head helplessly.

The child walks up and lifts their arm reaching for the sobbing adults hands in an attempt to provide a sense of comfort and whispers “Do you remember the last time you had fun? Real fun? Silly, ridiculous, crazy fun?”

With their head coming from between the palms the adult makes a real effort to connect to such a moment and stares blankly.

But when the child places their hand on the adult, the look of our adult changes while flashes go past their eyes of times long past. With a sudden brightness and glowing eyes, the adult shily answers. “Yes, yes I can remember those moments”.

As the brightness grows stronger the adults look locks into the child’s and he admits “You are there. You are always there. You are free and happy. You smile and everything shines around you. You make it feel so simple just because you only do what makes you happy.”

With a warm smile the child adds “It’s because you always make sure I am safe and taken care of.

But just promise me I will get more time to have fun.

I just want to be happy.

And if I’m happy, you’re happy too.

I’m doing this for our own sake…”


Could you tell me who you are?

I’ll start with a simple question: Who are you?

And the simple answer would probably start with you telling me your name, followed by your age, gender and where you were born, maybe.

But how much does that tell anyone about who you really are?

Are you kind and compassionate?

Do you scare easily watching horror movies? Are you a true romantic or you’ve stopped thinking true love exists?

Is it your taste in music, self-discipline or ambition that defines who you are more?

Are you a believer? Or you’ve lost faith in everything?

Is it the illness you’re struggling with, your work ethics or maybe your children that say more about you?

And what about your hobbies and passions, how much you earn or where you live?

Your DNA might have a larger overview and tell a few things, but that wouldn’t be a complete picture either.

And how is the you today different from the yesterday one or from 10 years ago?

Is that still you?

It’s not that simple to define yourself, is it?

But somehow we all make rush judgements, jump to conclusions, draw assumptions when it comes to others.

In those quick moments we have a superficial appreciation of someone’s depth of character. It’s our survivalist genes that drive our quick assessment of a situation: predator or prey? friend or foe? helper or in need of help? etc.

And most times that’s where we stop with our assessment of others. First judgement, gut feeling, efficiency in time spent on decisions and so all the people we meet go in these tiny little boxes and very rarely get out of their initially assigned spots.

So, I guess the question I need your help with is: given that what makes us who we are is constantly changing, is there still a need to hold on to those boxes?


Happy Bubbles

Today we’ll go on a journey.

I would normally ask you to close your eyes & imagine what I’m just about to ask you to.

But I know it’s a bit difficult to keep your eyes closed and be reading at the same time.

So, we’ll do it a bit differently then!

I want you to remember one moment when you were truly and utterly happy.

I want you to start digging in the depth of your memories and in the midst of your heart for that one moment that shines so bright.

It is so bright and powerful that you immediately start to feel that warmth spreading through your body & your bones.

Can you see it? As you remember the small details, can you see it moving outside of you and engulfed in an almost transparent membrane?

It’s almost like watching a movie that’s happening inside this huge bubble. The greyish membrane captures everything from the smell around, the colours and the people.

Everything is perfectly preserved in this bubble and you’re on the outside of it peering in curiously.

But for a second, you forget that the bubble has this protective membrane and you magically slide in.

For a second, you’re back there again.

Everything feels so fresh and new like you’re going through it for the first time.

For just that second everything is back, the smell of things, the touch and all the feelings. You feel different, you’re blinking multiple times trying to shake it off and no matter what, you’re back there. You’re back in that moment and simply enjoying it’s bliss. So everything slows down and you can really take your time, dwell in the moment and savour it.

Everything is brighter and softer, you can be there again and you almost can’t believe it.

And as you’re finishing that thought, the greyish membrane of the bubble appears again before you, removing you from that bubble.

You’re on the outside again, peering in.

As you realise that it’s all gone, this sweeping gut wrenching melancholy settles in and almost drowns you. And you try kicking, punching, pulling to get yourself in again, but nothing works. The membrane bounces back every time, reminding you brutally that your trapped on the outside. All floating around you, there are millions of other bubbles, each having captured a particular defining moment for you.

You’re smack in the middle looking up as the bubbles float further and further away from you. But amongst them you recognise the most recent one: you’re outside of the bubble watching in & all of a sudden you see yourself sliding in.

Suddenly you remember what allowed it in the first place and so you reach for that exact bubble as it decides to also flow in your direction, while the rest go higher and higher.

You stretch your fingers curiously towards it and that’s when you feel it, you’re sliding back in. You’re no longer afraid you’re gonna lose this moment, you’re not angry, nor sad, you’re just there and the light shines again brighter.

You smile.

You now can travel back in time in your own timeline anytime you want.


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