From worst-case to best-case scenario

It’s a familiar place you find yourself in again.

You open your eyes and recognize the room.

There’s a sense of relief, as if you could have woken up somewhere else? That would be crazy.

Within seconds the upcoming day flashes before your eyes.

So many things to do, errands to run and the only thing you truly look forward to is the evening, when you know you can finally settle down and unwind after a tough day.

You prep yourself up as if you’d be heading out into a storm and brace yourself as you go out into the world.

You open the door and realize that it’s not as bad as you pictured it.

There’s no bracing needed in the end. The grim picture you had painted was misleading.

It’s very often that we prepare our selves for the worst, tense up and stress over things that are ridiculously hard to even imagine.

And still, we do it everyday, with even the most random situations.

And in those moments we often forget what we’re missing out on by simply wasting headspace on worry.

Might as well accept that there’s a million bunch of ways that things can go wrong at every step.

But isn’t it so amazing when you see how it could all work out?

Rather than focus on dodging unpleasant situations, why not focus on welcoming or chasing the ones that are exciting? What is it that you really look forward to in this day?

It’s a shift that takes time, so when you find yourself building worst case scenarios, I challenge you.

I challenge you to start building and focusing on your best case scenario.

I mean, you’ve been already preparing for the worst, you seem to have that covered.

So why not build towards your dreams?


A pill, with unusual side effects…

Did you ever wake up with the heaviest feeling?

From your whole body aching, to your head pounding and just feeling as you’ve just been hit by a truck?

No, no, this is not your usual hangover I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the side effects of the daily grind.

What? You don’t know what I mean?

Always hustling, pressuring yourself, having to be ahead, not making mistakes, having to provide and prove, being the adult, rushing through tight deadlines, the next place to travel to, afraid of missing out on the next best thing… and the list can go on…

Well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what happened to my friend, John, last week.

While he was in the middle of a full blown storm of the above, he decided to walk up to his medicine cabinet, reached out to his old friend, the Paracetamol.

As usual, he’d take two with a full glass of water.

Only this time, he felt different as soon as he opened his eyes back after the bitter gulps. He immediately felt bizarre feelings, like a veil was taken off his eyes and a whirlwind of calmness inundated him.

All of a sudden, he needed to sit down, grab a pen and paper and started to fill in the pages in front of him. It wasn’t long before he felt he had finished, put the pen down, shook his head as if he woke up from a dream and went over what he just wrote down.

“Hey John,

I bet you’re feeling pretty shitty this morning. I hear that you’re having to do a lot, from having to get ready, get into work, worry about deadlines and people’s expectations, do shopping, pick up the kid, plan your monthly meetings with your friends, bring in the car and arrange holidays with your family. It feels like a lot, I get it.

But I’m here today to give you a bit of perspective, because I think it’s really important you read this.

Let’s start with the best thing today: you’re alive!

You’re living in this age in which you are so lucky to be! Technology is helping taking away so many redundant tasks, just to free more of your time. You’ve got electric energy, electric light, a warm home, a full fridge, a washing machine, a television, running water. Two generations before you had none of those. And if they had, they either had to work real hard or be lucky to be born in a family with access to them.

There’s war, but you’re not living in terror, you’re sheltered, you’re protected.

There’s no hunger for you, you’re not persecuted, imprisoned for your beliefs, appearance or race. But there are still others that are going through these nightmares even today, in another corner of the world.

You have a means of transportation, you have ease of access and can travel, you can see the world in a safer way but it’s still excitingly dangerous enough.

You’re healthy and your body serves you perfectly. You’re lucky cause you’re not missing any limbs or senses.

You have a family, a life line that looks back as much as it looks forward into the future generations. You have your dear ones with you for now and you also have someone that looks up to you and has so much to learn about the world from you and through your eyes.

You have friends, people that appreciate you and want to be around you and give you their precious and limited time.

You’ve got a job, you’re able, you’re skilled and it provides, it is what it is: a job, not a life purpose!

So if I can be blunt, there’s someone in this world that right now wishes to be in your place and have your ‘struggles’.Because they’re blessings! The fact that you can even read this piece of paper, is a blessing!

So I leave you with this last note, John.

What are you going to do so that those people out there, that aren’t as lucky as you are, can be happy even for a little while? They deserve it too!”

He was amazed at what came out of his own hand.

He went back to the pill box and there was only one left, he dropped it in his hand and looked at it.

He brought it closer to his eyes as there was a small indentation he felt.

And that’s when he saw it on the edge of the pill, written clearly:


You only got 24 hours left

That’s what the writing says on a note a stranger just shoved in your pocket, before you had a chance to see if you even knew them.

Baffled, you stop in the middle of the road and look around. Is it a prank, one of those hidden camera jokes? Or is there someone watching right now? Just a sick bastard playing a morbid joke? Or is it a mistake, maybe you were not the intended mark?

You shake it off, pocket the note and head on to work. It’s already caused you a delay and it’s one of those long days you’re about to step into.

But as you walk, the wheels start turning in your head. “Hold on, what if it’s real? What if I only have 24 hours? What am I wasting my time on then when I only have little of it left? “

How much of what we’re doing everyday is a complete waste of time? How much of the time spent on social media that gives us no real gain? The mindless binge watching that creates a vortex of emptiness? The endless scroll? Procrastination becomes an art and we, it’s masters.

So if you had only 24 hours left, what would you focus on? What would you stop doing? Who would you call? Who would you forgive? Who would you want close?

Great that you’ve thought about it now, but do you have any guarantee on those 24 hours? Or beyond?

Inner thoughts. Inner child.

The many movies I have seen, none are as good as the memories that I relive every time a familiar smell or song comes along the way.

Sometimes you can control these moments, you intently focus on a specific time trying to remember as many details as possible. But other times you just get a flash of a very peculiar moment, totally unrelated and you find yourself 20 years ago, yet a young adult. Everything felt so fresh back then, a world of opportunities, endless opportunities.

I miss just sitting on the couch and day dreaming about how I would be changing the world and how I one day will be a super hero of some sort, making a difference and being remembered for years after.

In my mind life was useless if you were unable to leave your fingerprint on the world at it’s largest scale.

As I grew I realized that it’s not the size of the fingerprint that you leave behind, but the quality of it.

Yes, Adolf Hitler left a huge mark on history, so did others of his kind that are not worth mentioning. But at the other end of the spectrum you have the kind souls that are hidden from media and publicity but boy, do they impact lives.

Those are the true heroes, the ones that do things for the right reasons and help make this world truly a better place. It’s the silent ripple effect versus the disruptive boom.

So if you’ve been on a chase too, here are some words for you!

Slow down.

You’re on your own journey, not following anyone else but yourself and what makes you happy. And you have to be really honest with yourself about what makes you truly happy.

Sometimes it gets difficult being honest with yourself but look: you’ve learnt so much since you too were just a kid dreaming with their eyes open.

You’re in the future now and the future doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

In this future, you’re safe, you’re ambitious and brave. Why else would you be reading this?

In this future you’re true to yourself and you get to impact quite a number of souls. Just look around at all the people you get to talk to everyday and exchange a word with. You’ve collected experiences that have made you stronger, more determined but that have left you always grateful for who you are and what you’ve been given.

And in all this, from time to time, take a moment to remember where it all started. With that small day-dreaming child.

Ultimately you’re the one writing the next chapters everyday.

Would the child in you be happy with the journey you’ve been on so far?

And what can you change today that will make the child in you smile and be proud of you?

Feeling small and lonely in a big and overwhelming world

We’ve all been there.

We’ve read so many success stories, heard so many inspirational speakers talk about how you can reach your true potential and that your uniqueness is what sets you apart and will get you all you desire.

And then you look around, you look at all the rushing souls, the empty looks, the broken hearts and realise that all they want, all we want is to feel that we are enough.

There’s no need to prove your worth in the current state of things, by chasing financial gains, fame, fortune or power.

This story has already been told and re-told, but it seems like we have a hard time learning.

Because it’s the healing of the souls and mending of the hearts that matters ultimately.

Because when that happens, you feel more connected, more in tune. When you touch someone’s life, leave a mark, teach a lesson, inspire or help out, that is when you will see a true ripple of success.

So if anything, in your pursue of success or purpose, go back to the core of what makes you truly human and start there.

Always remember that this life is limited for all of us and we have one chance to make a difference.

And so ask yourself everyday:

“What do I want to be remembered for?”

A quick introduction

Here’s to a start of a magical journey.

I’m here to report from my side of the world.

Stories have always had a special place in my life and in the world as a whole.

So far I’ve come to understand that stories are the critical vehicle to help pass knowledge from one generation to another, to mourn and deal with inexplicably hard situations, to amuse and pass time with a high note.

Whatever it is, stories bring us together, they connect us and make us listen, bridging gaps but also opening windows into mystical worlds of opportunities.

So many of us have been here, all unique in our own way, so my first question will be: how will I be different than the rest trying to get your attention and get ahead, what’s so special about me and my stories?

Well, hell if I know! I’m just gonna see where this takes me and us all, but ultimately I hope that through my stories, I can pass on my knowledge, amuse some, heal some or empower others to become their best versions of themselves.

Cause what are we all in the end?

Just evolving stories.

So stick around cause there’s more coming!

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